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Hot Pot Soup Sumire Sapporo Noukoh Miso Aji 700g


Daisho Meiten Kanshyu Nabe Sumire Sapporo Noukoh Miso Aji 700g

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Under the supervision of the famous ramen restaurant “Sapporo Sumire”, the flavor of tonkotsu and garlic is added to the rich soup of Hokkaido miso. The taste of the famous restaurant is reproduced in the hot pot soup.

【Sapporo Sumire】
In 1964, “Sumire” was founded. In 1989, they opened a store as “Sumire” on Nakajima in Hokkaido. Miso ramen, which continues to evolve in pursuit of taste with the times, is characterized by the rich and fragrant soup and medium-thick noodles unique to Sapporo. Currently, they have three restaurants in Sapporo and planning to open a new restaurant in Yokohama.
(Number of stores as of January 2022).


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