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Kagoshima A5 Japanese Wagyu BMS 11-12 Sirloin Steak $250/kg 414g


Top A5 grade Wagyu from Kagoshima, Japan

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The highest grades of Wagyu in the world. Japanese Black Cattle, Wagyu of exceptional quality, raised on the tropical Kyushu Island in the Kagoshima prefecture, Southern Japan.

The World class Kagoshima Wagyu beef we are cutting here is currently known for being the Winner of the “Wagyu Olympics”, the Best Beef in Japan. The plethora of soft, buttery, intricate marbling throughout each cut is quite simply extraordinary and nothing short of mesmerising. The fat of this Wagyu is nothing like any other with its low temperature melting point that makes for the most sensational dining experience. As with most steaks we recommend cooking rare but be careful, this meat cooks very quickly.

This Sirloin Steak is A5 graded with a BMS 11-12  Beef Marbling Score which are the higher grades of this beef.

Whether you’re a meat connoisseur or an inquisitive steak lover, you can experience the most delectable of steaks in the world from the comfort of your own home.


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Kagoshima A5 Japanese Wagyu BMS 11-12 Sirloin Steak 0/kg 414g   Kagoshima A5 Japanese Wagyu BMS 11-12 Sirloin Steak 0/kg 414g   Kagoshima A5 Japanese Wagyu BMS 11-12 Sirloin Steak 0/kg 414g

Japan has over 300+ wagyu brands, each with unique quality, textures, and tastes. Every five years, brands across Japan compete in the Japanese Wagyu Olympics. Kagoshima won the Wagyu Olympics twice, in 2017 and 2022.

Kagoshima is the largest producer of wagyu in Japan and is known for its buttery melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Kagoshima Wagyu (Japanese Black Cattle) are the result of many successive improvements made by many generations of indigenous cattle. Cattle are raised stress-free with superior farming techniques, resulting in exceptional marbling.

• BMS (Beef Marble Score): 12 out of 12

• Grade: Certified A5 Japanese Fullblood Wagyu (100% Wagyu Genetics)

• Origin: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

• Brand: Kagoshima Wagyu

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