“Wagyu-Ya on Chevron”- The Gold Coast’s Premier Yakiniku(BBQ)

  • All beef served at our restaurant is delivered incredibly fresh direct from our growers
  • Wagyu used is Australian- grown Wagyu or imported Japanese Wagyu
  • Our fresh, premium quality meats are offered at very reasonable prices
  • As Yakiniku specialists, we have an extensive range, from rib cuts, loin cuts, skirt to offal

Working with a range of premium growers from Australia and Japan, we serve only the very best of Australian and Japanese Wagyu . All of the Wagyu we serve is certified hormone-free. Specialising in Yakiniku, we invite you to experience the genuine Japanese BBQ experience, with a Wagyu-centred side menu available as well.

About Wagyu and Yakiniku….

Wagyu, or “Japanese cattle”, is a breed that is predisposed to producing high-quality beef with intense “marbling”, where a higher percentage of fat forms in the meat to create a juicy, tasty, highly sought-after meat.

Yakiniku, or Japanese style BBQ, where you cook your own meat at the table is the preferred way to enjoy Wagyu in Japan- this is something else that we want our customers to enjoy. Freshness and quality of ingredients is at the core of Japanese cuisine. Yakiniku lets you experience this first hand as you see for yourself the quality of the beef we have before you cook and enjoy it. From a dinner for 2 to a night out with family and friends, Yakiniku can be enjoyed on any occasion- do give it a try and you will not be disappointed!

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