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Hot Pot Soup Menya Musashi 700g


Daisyo Meiten Kanshu Nabe Menya Musashi Dashi Shoyu Aji

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Under the supervision of the famous ramen restaurant “Menya Musashi”, this soy sauce-based hot pot soup is made by adding flavor to the rich broth of Makurazaki bonito flakes and Soda flakes with niboshi extract and chicken stock and finishing with garlic and pepper.
【Menya Musashi】
Founded in 1996 in Aoyama, Tokyo. The company has released a variety of products such as limited-time noodles and collaborations with other businesses and has 14 stores in Tokyo and 8 stores overseas. Each store offers a different flavor.
(*The number of stores is as of the end of March 2023)


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